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I have Master's degrees in Accounting and Journalism. I have worked at Advertising Agencies, managed a large shopping mall, and also served as Editor-in-Chief of a publishing house for 15 years. At some point, I realized that I wanted to work for myself, so in 2018 I founded NewLook Social Marketing agency.

My previous experience as a Journalist and Advertising Brand Manager helps me to quickly relate to diverse individuals, communicate easily with business owners, as well as understand them. 

Many years of experience in Advertising and Publishing have enabled me to gain a deep understanding of web design, from the inside out, as well as the key aspects of creating a successful Advertising Campaign for a diverse range of businesses.

Therefore, for several years now, I have successfully run my Online Marketing Business helping business owners establish a strong Online Presence. 

For years, our agency has been serving small business owners, helping them create effective online marketing strategies.  

We can help to take your online presence to another level! Another good news - we are always available and stay in touch with our clients 24/7, including weekends. 


We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, which is why so many of them have been with us for years. If you’re looking for a partner in your marketing journey, look no further than NewLook Social Marketing.


It is common for business owners to not have enough time to manage their social media platforms and to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. With the rapidly changing pace of technology, life has become much more accelerated, and what worked well a year ago may not be effective anymore. 


However, by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and adapting quickly to changing markets, businesses can ensure their success. That is where NewLook Social Marketing comes in - we will help you create a professional, strong and memorable online presence. 

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