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Job Interview Tips

Updated: Mar 26

Warning Signs the Job You're Interviewing for is Not Good

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Choose your environment wisely

Who wants a job with a toxic environment? No one. We all want to avoid being around negative people, disrespectful bosses and stressful situations. If you’ve landed a job interview, it’s easy to let excitement blind you. That is especially true if the job pays well. But it's important to remain on alert for red flags about the company like these that might indicate a toxic culture.

Warning Signs the Job You're Interviewing for is Not Good

The interview is short

Good interviewers take time to get to know you and make sure you’re a good fit. They are patient and thorough. If you feel like they’re rushing the process, or they’re curt and rude, it’s a bad sign.

Someone asks illegal interview questions

U.S. employers are forbidden by law from asking certain questions during an interview. They can't ask about your age, marital status, or religion, among other things. Any other invasive, personal questions are off the table as well. Your private life is none of their business. Educate yourself about which questions are illegal. If they come up during your interview, that’s a significant red flag.

They use the term ‘family’

If the person interviewing you refers to the company team as “a family,” that’s a huge red flag. Maybe it’s designed to put you at ease, but it should have the opposite effect. The company is not your family. The office is not your home. There needs to be established boundaries between your real family and the job. Few things are more toxic than a company that doesn’t respect the time you want to spend with your actual family.

Don’t subject yourself to a toxic workplace just because there’s a paycheck involved. You deserve better. Workplaces don’t have to be heaven, but they shouldn’t be a place of torment.


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