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  • Add a Human Element to Your Business!

    Marketing Strategies That Work Add a Human Element To Your Business - there is the one of the great strategies that really works in online marketing. One of the great strategies that really works in 2024 is to “humanize your brand” – it helps forming trust and a deeper connection with your audience. You may have already come across these phrases - "humanize your business", "add a human element to your business", but what exactly does it mean? Follow the Online Marketing Trends You have to follow the current online marketing trends. This is the rule of the game. It's no secret that online marketing trends are constantly changing, and changing very quickly. According to research by many analytical agencies, these days raw content on Instagram and Facebook attracts more views and likes. The modern consumer is so tired of the huge number of promotional videos made professionally and in high quality that ordinary videos shot on an iPhone attract more attention and arouse more trust among customers. Therefore, even mega-brands sometimes post videos and pictures on their social platforms, as if they were taken by an ordinary person. The quality of those videos and photos are far from the professional level, and this is done purposefully. It is unknown how long this trend will last. In the meantime, if you want to increase the number of views on your social media and "please" the algorithm, here are some tips on how to Add a Human Element to Your Business. How to Add a Human Element to Your Business: Share and engage with your audience some personal info/pics/videos. This is a great way to establish closer connections with your audience. Show behind the scenes of your business. (Moving to a new location? Doing a renovation? Show the part of the process and write a post about it. Let's say you are the owner of a jewelry store. One of the customers came to the store with his cute little dog. Ask the client if it is possible to take a photo or a short video of his pet, and post it in the stories or in the feed, accompanying the video with a humorous comment. A jump of views is guaranteed because everyone loves funny videos and cute dogs!). In any case, approach this idea with courage and creativity. Do not afraid to be silly or funny, it always works! Use photos and names of staff and contributors in your posts/reels. Relate products to personal experience (we will talk about it more in our upcoming posts). Use more personal and less “polished” tone in your posts. Ask yourself a question: If your company was a person, who would they be? In any case, the key idea here is to be REAL. People immediately feel it and appreciate it. Good luck! In our following posts we will talk more about some of these strategies above. Follow us on social :)

  • INSTAGRAM: Changes In Follower Number

    One day you open your Instagram account and see that your followers number dropped. Why does it happen? One of my client has been feeling frustrated because for the past month her follower count was changing every other day (plus - minus 20 followers A DAY, sometimes plus - minus 50). For the small business this number is noticeable so she was not happy. No matter what industry you are in, it is important to have an Instagram account Instagram is a great free marketing tool: Everyone uses Instagram: large, well-known companies, as well as small shops and entrepreneurs. And if you don’t know what to post – just let an online marketing professional do this work for you. But fluctuations in your follower number are normal! Why? Often it is a result of the 'follow/unfollow' game that many people choose to play. Here's how it works: an individual follows you, waits until you follow back, then unfollows you. The "unfollow" can happen day, days, or sometimes weeks later. While this strategy may work for some businesses to grow their audience, those followers most likely won't turn into your customers. So... not a big loss for you! Don't waste your time to be upset! Instagram is very important for SEO Over 500 million people use IG on a daily basis. Yes, this number is impressive! You are really missing out if you don't use this platform for your business. Just FACTS: 72% of Instagram users reported purchasing products through Instagram at least once; Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook; Over 500 million people use Instagram platform on a daily basis.

  • Job Interview Tips

    Warning Signs the Job You're Interviewing for is Not Good Who wants a job with a toxic environment? No one. We all want to avoid being around negative people, disrespectful bosses and stressful situations. If you’ve landed a job interview, it’s easy to let excitement blind you. That is especially true if the job pays well. But it's important to remain on alert for red flags about the company like these that might indicate a toxic culture. Warning Signs the Job You're Interviewing for is Not Good The interview is short Good interviewers take time to get to know you and make sure you’re a good fit. They are patient and thorough. If you feel like they’re rushing the process, or they’re curt and rude, it’s a bad sign. Someone asks illegal interview questions U.S. employers are forbidden by law from asking certain questions during an interview. They can't ask about your age, marital status, or religion, among other things. Any other invasive, personal questions are off the table as well. Your private life is none of their business. Educate yourself about which questions are illegal. If they come up during your interview, that’s a significant red flag. They use the term ‘family’ If the person interviewing you refers to the company team as “a family,” that’s a huge red flag. Maybe it’s designed to put you at ease, but it should have the opposite effect. The company is not your family. The office is not your home. There needs to be established boundaries between your real family and the job. Few things are more toxic than a company that doesn’t respect the time you want to spend with your actual family. Don’t subject yourself to a toxic workplace just because there’s a paycheck involved. You deserve better. Workplaces don’t have to be heaven, but they shouldn’t be a place of torment.

  • The Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Business

    These days almost every company use popular social platforms. Even the most famous, oldest brands have created an account and are actively present on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Why? Advertising on popular social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok are very important. It brings your business to a different level and give it a new voice. The Ultimate Goal Do you already have in mind what you will be posting on your Instagram or Facebook? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more classical style - there’s a stunning layout for everyone. According to HubSpot’s “Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide,” companies use organic social media marketing to: · Increase brand awareness · Generate leads and increase conversions · Develop and nurture relationships with customers · Learn from competitors. The combination of advertising, or paid social media marketing, and organic social media outreach evolved into the digital marketing specialty known as social media marketing. Create Relevant Content You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to know your targeting group and also your audience. On Instagram use Stories - they have more views and let you make an original, unique short videos about your store or product. TikTok is huge these days, and it is a mistake to think of it as a platform for teenagers or very young people only. First of all, TikTok developed to so much more than just a platform with fun videos! Add a catchy title, a brief description and a beautiful image, create a video using TikTok tools and viola - you and your business are now being viewed by hundreds and thousands of people who would never known you otherwise. You can also add tags (#vacation #carrental #jewelrystore) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help readers search for relevant content. Using hashtags can expand your post reach and help people find the content that matters to them. Go ahead, #hashtagaway. Stun Your Followers “Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.” Social media platforms gives your company a voice, so let your business’ personality shine through. Are you a creative agency? Go wild with original blog posts about recent projects, cool inspirational ideas, or what your company culture is like. Add images, and videos to really spice it up, and pepper it with slang to keep readers interested. Are you a programmer? Stay on the more technical side by offering weekly tips, tricks, and hacks that show off your knowledge of the industry. No matter what type of business you have, one thing is for sure - social media give your business the opportunity to be heard in a different and unconventional way.

  • How has the rapid growth of social media impacted society and communication?

    One of the most famous online communities is, an online social network of more than 13 million professionals representing 150 industries. These professional communities tend to be very "templated" in nature, offering clear boundaries of communication and focused discussion. Examples of Social Media The percentage of US adults who use social media increased from 5% in 2005 to 79% in 2019. Even on a global stage the speed of diffusion is striking: Facebook surged from covering around 1.5% of the world population in 2008, to around 30% in 2018. · Facebook (2.74 billion users) · YouTube (2.29 billion users) · WhatsApp (2 billion users) · Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion users) · Instagram (1.22 billion users) · Whatsapp (1.21 billion users) · TikTok (689 million users) · QQ (617 million users) If you run your own business, - a restaurant, a dry cleaner, a jewelry store, an aesthetic surgery clinic, - do not ignore all the available marketing tools that the online industry offers these days. I am referring primarily to Instagram and Facebook. Business and Socal Media Businesses took advantage of this new consumer mobility by serving their customers new, simpler methods of interacting — and new ways of buying goods and services. Social platforms are free advertising for your business and your services, so is it wise to neglect them? What could be better than a video review of your client that you posted on Instagram? On the eve of the holiday, you can tell your customers about discounts, new products and special promotions in the online newsletter. But how do I collect the date of the clients? Here again, Facebook, Instagram, as well as online registration, which can be offered on your website, come to the rescue. Are you planning an open house? And in this situation, social networks are your indispensable assistants in spreading information. And most importantly, social platforms help you not only find new customers, establish strong, trusting relationships with existing customers, but also understand which of your services or products are most popular. Social networks are a constant live feedback, and it is simply unwise to underestimate their importance for business. It's not that difficult to maintain social accounts, but sometimes there's just no time for it. That is why it makes sense to hire someone who will manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts on a monthly basis, create an online store for you, regularly monitor statistics and communicate with your subscribers. If you need help with Instagram and Facebook, please contact us at Newlook Social Marketing. Why to Choose NewLook Social Marketing If you become a NewLook's client, you will get: ​ A modern and vibrant website that highlights the strengths of your business and creates confidence in your potential clients that you can be trusted A beautiful and easily edited online-store with professionally made photos of your products and services An attentive and thoughtful management of your social platforms – with DAILY audits, beautiful posts, memorable videos and well-written content. ​ Working with us, you will receive a truly New Look of your company, website, and social platforms! ​

  • Why Instagram is Important For Business

    No matter what industry you're in, you should use Instagram as a business There are more than 200 million Instagram business accounts and more than 7 billion was spent for Instagram advertising last year. These impressive numbers are the best proof that businesses invest serious money in this social platform. However, I have met some business owners who believe they have nothing to post and therefore they do not have an account on Instagram. “I run a dry cleaner, what would I post? No one follows dry cleaners!” – one of my clients said. He is wrong. No matter what industry you are in, it is important to have an Instagram account Instagram is a great free marketing tool: Everyone uses Instagram: large, well-known companies, as well as small shops and entrepreneurs. And if you don’t know what to post – just let an online marketing professional do this work for you. What to post? Want to know a secret? In reality, people do not care about your product – they want value, knowledge, insight, entertainment – oh yes! – education. With some creativity and strategic planning, there is plenty you can post! However, even if you don’t plan to be incredibly active on Instagram, it’s still a good idea to create an account that at least has your business name, contact information, and a few posts to showcase your brand, products, or services. Instagram is very important for SEO Over 500 million people use the Instagram platform on a daily basis. Just think about this: You don’t want that search to come up empty – or, even worse, lead potential clients to a competitor. For example, you have provided an exceptional service, or a customer is incredibly happy with your product they just bought from you. They can share a story on Instagram, or post a picture with your product and write positive feedback. If you have an online shop, your Instagram photos and videos can be linked directly to your website/online store. Instagram is a great social channel where you can drive traffic back to your site! Infographics, short videos, good quality pictures, and any other content you post on your Instagram account will increase your number of website visitors. When it comes to the search engine optimization (SEO) for your company name, having an Instagram account is VERY IMPORTANT. Over 500 million people use the Instagram platform on a daily basis. Maintain a routine of at least two posts per week to raise brand awareness and grow your follower base. Just FACTS: 72% of Instagram users reported purchasing products through Instagram at least once; Instagram has a cleaner feed versus a clattered Facebook feed; Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook; Over 500 million people use the Instagram platform on a daily basis.

  • How To Earn Extra Money Every Month

    Don't wait for a raise at work - take a moment and imagine a whole month without worrying about money. Looking for ways to earn an extra money for minimal effort? Here is a few tips how to do it. This Money Will Help Pay Off Next Month’s Rent Get Paid Up to $140/Month Just for Sharing Your Honest Opinion If you're turning blue in the face waiting for a raise at work, it might be time to quit holding your breath and start speaking your mind to someone who wants to listen. Brands want to hear your opinion to help inform their business decisions on everything from products and services to logos and ads - and they're willing to pay you up to $140 a month for it. A free site called Branded Surveys c will pay you up to $5 per survey for sharing your thoughts with their brand partners. Taking three quick surveys a day could earn up to $140 each month. It takes just a minute to create a free account and start getting paid to speak your mind. Most surveys take 5 to 15 minutes, and you can check how long they'll take ahead of time. They've already paid users more than $20 million since 2012, and the most active users can earn a few hundred dollars a month. Plus, they've got an "excellent" rating on Trustpilot. Get Paid $225/Month to Watch Movie Previews If we told you that you could get paid to watch videos on your computer, you'd probably laugh. It's too good to be true, right? You could add up to $225 a month to your pocket by signing up for a free account with InboxDollars . They'll present you with short video clips to choose from every day, then ask you a few questions about them. All you have to do is choose which videos you want to watch and answer a few quick questions about them afterward. No, InboxDollars won't replace your full-time job, but it's something easy you can do while you're already on the couch tonight wasting time on your phone. Unlike other sites, InboxDollars pays you in cash - no points or gift cards. It's already paid its users more than $56 million. It takes about one minute to sign up, and you'll immediately get a $5 bonus to get you started. You Can Cancel Your Car Insurance Did you know you can save some serious money just by switching car insurance companies? Its true - rates are at historic lows, and you could be paying way less for the same coverage. All you need to do is look for it. But don't waste your time hopping around to different insurance companies. Use a website called EverQuote  to see all your options at once. EverQuote is the largest online marketplace for insurance in the US, so you'll get the top options from more than 175 different carriers handed right to you. Take a couple of minutes to answer some questions _ about yourself and your driving record. With this information, EverQuote will be able to give you the top recommendations for car insurance. In just a few minutes, you could save up to $610 a year. Spend $1 to Own a Piece of Amazon, Google or Other Companies Take a look at the Forbes Richest People list, and you'll notice almost all the billionaires have one thing in common - they own another company. But if you work for a living and don't happen to have millions of dollars lying around, that can sound totally out of reach. But with an app called Stash , it doesn't have to be. It lets you be a part of something that's normally exclusive to the richest of the rich - on Stash you can buy pieces of other companies for as little as $1. That's right - you can invest in pieces of well-known companies, such as Amazon, Google, Apple and more for as little as $1. The best part? If these companies profit, so can you. Some companies even send you a check every quarter for your share of the profits, called dividends. It takes two minutes to sign up , and it's totally secure. With Stash, all your investments are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) - that's industry talk for, "Your money's safe." Plus, when you use the link above, Stash will give you a $5 sign-up bonus once you deposit $5 into your account. Earn $300+/Month in Passive Income with Your Extra Space What if your garage probably isn’t doing much of anything at the moment? Maybe you have some tools in there, or maybe it’s home to your boxes of odds and ends, collecting dust. But with a website called Neighbor, your extra space — whether it’s a spare room, an empty garage or a parking space — could be earning you an extra $300 a month in totally passive income. Neighbor works by connecting people who need storage space with hosts who have the room to spare. The average host makes about $300 a month, but some people have earned up to $50,000 a year just by letting people park on their property. It takes less than 10 minutes to get started. Just answer a few questions about your space, take some pictures and set your asking price. Neighbor will recommend a dollar amount based on your location and type of rental, but the final listing is up to you. Neighbor even gives you up to $1 million in free protection as a host and offers protection plans for your renters, giving you both peace of mind. Neighbor is an easy source of passive income, and it’s easier than most side hustles. It’s free to list your space, and you’ll only be charged a 4.9% processing fee from the profit you make each month, so there’s no risk to you. Sign up here and see how much you could earn

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