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Add a Human Element to Your Business!

Marketing Strategies That Work

Add a Human Element To Your Business - there is the one of the great strategies that really works in online marketing.

One of the great strategies that really works in 2024 is to “humanize your brand” – it helps forming trust and a deeper connection with your audience.

"Humanize" your brand - the strategy that really works
"Humanize" your brand - the strategy that really works

You may have already come across these phrases - "humanize your business", "add a human element to your business", but what exactly does it mean?

Follow the Online Marketing Trends

You have to follow the current online marketing trends. This is the rule of the game. It's no secret that online marketing trends are constantly changing, and changing very quickly. According to research by many analytical agencies, these days raw content on Instagram and Facebook attracts more views and likes. The modern consumer is so tired of the huge number of promotional videos made professionally and in high quality that ordinary videos shot on an iPhone attract more attention and arouse more trust among customers. Therefore, even mega-brands sometimes post videos and pictures on their social platforms, as if they were taken by an ordinary person. The quality of those videos and photos are far from the professional level, and this is done purposefully.

Online marketing trends are constantly changing
Online marketing trends are constantly changing

It is unknown how long this trend will last. In the meantime, if you want to increase the number of views on your social media and "please" the algorithm, here are some tips on how to Add a Human Element to Your Business.

How to Add a Human Element to Your Business:

  • Share and engage with your audience some personal info/pics/videos. This is a great way to establish closer connections with your audience.

  • Show behind the scenes of your business. (Moving to a new location? Doing a renovation? Show the part of the process and write a post about it.

Let's say you are the owner of a jewelry store. One of the customers came to the store with his cute little dog. Ask the client if it is possible to take a photo or a short video of his pet, and post it in the stories or in the feed, accompanying the video with a humorous comment. A jump of views is guaranteed because everyone loves funny videos and cute dogs!). In any case, approach this idea with courage and creativity. Do not afraid to be silly or funny, it always works!

  • Use photos and names of staff and contributors in your posts/reels.

Relate products to personal experience (we will talk about it more in our upcoming posts).

  • Use more personal and less “polished” tone in your posts.

  • Ask yourself a question: If your company was a person, who would they be?

In any case, the key idea here is to be REAL. People immediately feel it and appreciate it. Good luck!




In our following posts we will talk more about some of these strategies above. Follow us on social :)


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